Mellem to Kvinder 1931

Bart is a clerk for a publishing company. He has written a novel. His wife Peggy and he have five children. Bart's former girlfriend, Mildred, is manager of the company's Paris office. She ...

All Titles
  • US: Seed Seed
  • AT: ...und der Tag kam ...und der Tag kam
  • BR: Semente Semente
  • BR: Filhos Filhos
  • BR: Os Filhos Os Filhos
  • FI: Rakastavia naisia Rakastavia naisia
  • DE: Meine Kinder - mein Glück Meine Kinder - mein Glück
  • IT: Il richiamo dei figli Il richiamo dei figli
  • NO: Peggys egteskap Peggys egteskap
  • PT: Os Filhos Os Filhos
  • ES: Semilla Semilla
  • SE: Mellan två kvinnor Mellan två kvinnor
Directed by John M. Stahl
Artists Bette Davis
as Margaret Carter
John Boles
as Bart Carter
Don Cox
as Dicky Carter as a Child
Release date 14 May 1931
Genre Drama
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